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There are many papers required by the court to get a divorce. Some of these papers are about child custody and visitation. Other papers are about support and money matters. Our purpose is to teach you which papers will be necessary to you in filing for divorce.

Support and Alimony

Support is always a big issue both to the one who pays and the one receiving. The court requires that you submit papers showing what you income is and what your living expenses are. We will explain these papers to you so that you can decide which ones are best for your situation.

Custody and Visitation

The child custody and visitation orders will determine where the children will live and how much time the other parent will be allowed to visit them. We will show you which forms are about child custody and visitation and explain how to properly prepare them for the court.

Retirement and Pension

Retirement funds are often a vary large part of the parties community holdings. We will teach you which forms are necessary to protect your share.


Each class will be specific on the preparation of the papers for a particular phase of your need and are limited seating. Each student will be provided with a packed to materials specific to their needs. Included will be a printed copy of the documents most often used for the type of situation you are working on; a copy of the same documents on a memory stick in fill-able format; access to a computer; access to a printer and copier. During the instruction a copy of the documents will be displayed on a projection screen while the student will have the same document on their computer with the ability to fill in the form during instruction time. This work will be saved on the student’s memory stick for them to use at home on their own computer. Printing if any finished work done during class will be provided as will be copies for filing with the court.

Students will be required to wear a mask, remain socially distant and be subject to having their temperature taken as they enter the classroom.