Class Topics

Each class will be focused on one of the topics listed below. Samples of the documents will be provided to the student both in printed format and in a fill-able electronic format that the student will be able to save on their memory stick which will become the property of the student.


Opening Papers

All legal cases require a series of opening papers to be filed with the court. The first class will be focused on both these opening papers and the papers required to respond to those opening papers. The student will learn how to prepare these papers, how to properly assembly them for filing with the court, how and where to file them as well as how to get the served.


Financial Declarations

All divorces and all support matters require a series of papers that show how much each party earns and what their expenses are. Listings of the parties assets and debts must be prepared. The student will learn how to prepare these documents and what evidential papers must be attached to insure that they meet appropriate standards.


Request for Order & Orders After Hearing

The most common way to obtain a court order is to have a hearing. The student will learn how to prepare papers requesting a hearing as well as the papers that create the actual orders from the judge.



The conclusion of the divorce comes in the form of a Judgment. The student will lean to prepare a judgment and the necessary attachments to conclude the divorce.